The Cheeseburger Festival in Caseville Michigan

Have you ever tried a Caseville cheeseburger? This is your chance to try a cheeseburger in Caseville, MI. Every August, the Caseville Cheeseburger Festival is the highlight of Michigan’s Thumb coast.

We have everything you need to know about Cheeseburger Festival. This includes where buttons and wristbands can be purchased, must-see events, and more. Get your beach chair, fill up your cooler and prepare for one of Michigan’s most popular summer events.

Enjoy the Caseville Cheeseburger Festival!

The smell of cheeseburgers in the air? You can hear the music of Jimmy Buffett mixed with the laughter of the Lake Huron partygoers.

Yep. It’s the Cheeseburger in Caseville Festival. The highly anticipated Huron County event, which is held in mid-August, brings thousands of people annually to the small town of 800 year-round residents. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the last weeks of summer in Caseville, a fun Michigan resort town that is known for its gorgeous beaches and laid-back atmosphere.

The complete 2022 Guide to the Caseville Cheeseburger Festival is available here. It includes the event schedule, musical entertainment, and where to find the best food.

The Complete Guide to the 2022 Cheeseburger Festival in Caseville.

About the 2022 Caseville Cheeseburger Festival

The 24th Annual Cheeseburger in Caseville Festival will be held August 12-21 2022.

People are already planning for Michigan sun and fun. But what is the Caseville Cheeseburger Festival all about?

Jimmy Buffett’s iconic song ” Chicken in Paradise“, a tribute to Buffett’s “carnivorous love” of cheeseburgers, and his dream of living in paradise. The Cheeseburger in Caseville festival was founded in 1999 by Buffet, who inspired it with his carefree attitude and tropical music.

Nearly 25 years later, thousands of people flock to Caseville, Michigan, to have fun with their families and friends at the “Cheeseburger in Caseville” festival each August.

The festival was so popular that Caseville even got the nickname “Key North”, a nod to Buffett’s Key West. Buffett said that this “celebration is life and the cruise it is making through it” offers ten days of entertainment, games, music and cheeseburgers.

PRO-TIP : Some of the most beautiful beaches in Michigan are found along the Saginaw Bay coast, between Port Austin and Caseville. To find the perfect Michigan beach, make sure to check out our Guide to the Best Caseville Beaches and Port Austin Beaches!

Caseville Cheeseburger Festival Location

Caseville is located in the tip of Michigan’s Thumb and just 20 minutes west from Port Austin. Most festival events are held at the Caseville County Park Ampitheatre, 6400 Main Street.

How to get to the Cheeseburger Festival

Parking is available throughout the city. However, because Caseville is a small community, parking can be difficult on weekends and on Saturday August 17, the Day of the Parade of the Tropical Fools.

Thumb Area Transit offers a shuttle service for $3 per ride. Port Crescent State Park is home to Oak Beach County Park and Sleeper State Parks. The ampitheatre at Caseville County Park also makes stops. The shuttle operates between 3 p.m. and midnight. More information about the shuttle service can be found here.

Buttons and wristbands: Admission to Cheeseburger in Caseville

Although most of the Cheeseburger festival events are free, some concerts at Caseville County Park’s ampitheter require you to pay admission. For admission, you can purchase a wristband or button. A button costs $8 and is good for one-day. You can also purchase a button for $15 that is good for the whole 10-day festival.

Both wristbands and buttons can be purchased at any local shop. The festival is supported by the money raised from buttons.

The Parade of Tropical Fools

The 2022 Parade of Tropical Fools will take place on Wednesday, August 17th at 5:30 p.m. This is where you should be if you want to have the best summer beach party. For this non-stop party, don your best grass skirts and brightly colored shirts.

This is a popular event. You’ll be joining more than 70,000 people who will line the streets hoping to grab candy, beads, and other goodies that are thrown off the parade floats. You should bring your camera! Not only are the floats spectacular, but also the colorful costumes worn by parade-goers (think Cheeseburger caps) are quite entertaining.

Cheeseburger Festival Events in Caseville

The festival has many events and contests. It’s a 10 day festival that offers fun for all ages. These are my favorite events:

Annual Cheeseburger Best Photograph Contest

For a chance at winning, send us your best cheeseburger theme photo by email starting on August 12.

Annual Best Dressed Company in Town

Caseville businesses go all out decorating for the festival. Votes will decide which Caseville business is the best dressed for Cheeseburger.

Sandcastle Building Contest

Every weekend, you can enter the sandcastle-building contest at Caseville County Park. Even if your not involved in the building process, you will be able to see incredible sand architecture right before your eyes!

Cardboard boat race

As they race to the finish, you will see some amazing cardboard boats. This festival event is a favorite of ours!

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