The Best Lake Huron Michigan Beaches (A Must Visit)

Want to know something secret regarding Lake Huron beaches?

There are miles upon miles of beautiful public beaches stretching from Port Huron to Mackinaw City. The Lake Huron beaches are among the most popular in the state.

There are many beaches along Michigan’s stunning Lake Huron coastline.

You’ll need to learn more about Lake Huron’s sparkling sands, and aqua waters whether you are planning a day trip or a long vacation.

Here’s a list with 20 of our favorite Lake Huron beaches. This will help you plan your perfect vacation to Michigan.

Scroll down to see an interactive map showing the top beaches of Lake Huron.

Northern Michigan’s Best Lake Huron Beaches

Cheboygan State Park

Five miles of sandy beaches are available at Cheboygan State Park. The bay’s water is shallow and warms quickly so it’s great for swimming. There are also stunning views of Lake Huron from the beach.

There are miles of trails that you can use to hike or bike through the woods, and catch glimpses of rare Michigan wildflowers. The carry-in boat launch at Duncan’s Bay is also available for fishing on Elliot Creek. You can also find lodging here, including rustic cabins and campsites.

TIP: Take a mile and a half to reach the Cheboygan Lighthouse Ruins.

Cheboygan-Huron Shores Roadside Park

It is a peaceful spot, just off the US-23. This is the perfect place if you enjoy beautiful views, clear water, and rock-hunting. You can also hunt for the Petoskey stone.

Picnic tables, toilets, and a beautiful Lake Huron beach are all included. You could not ask for more.

Rogers City Lakeside Beach

This popular, beautifully-landscaped beach is tucked away in Rogers City. On Lake Huron, you’ll find 10 acres of land that includes the Rogers City Marina. This swimming beach features a volleyball court, three playgrounds for children and basketball courts. A large pavilion is also available.

Roger’s City is also known as “The Nautical City”, because of its sparkling blue waters, and silky sand beaches that draw people from all walks of the globe. You can take some time to visit the Sailor’s Memorial, a wonderful tribute to the sailors who died on Lake Huron.

P.H. Hoeft State Park

P.H. Hoeft State Park contains some of Lake Huron’s only sand dunes.

The lake-blue Lake Huron water is ideal for swimming and splashing. There’s also a playground. There are beautiful hiking and cycling trails, both along the shoreline and through the woods.

Northern Michigan has more beaches

Starlite Beach in Alpena

Alpena’s Starlite Beach offers three play structures for children, a volleyball court, and picnic facilities. It is the perfect place to spend a family beach day. Starlite Beach is also close to restaurants, ice cream shops and other amenities, so you can grab a bite to eat if your picnic basket is empty.

Alpena has a lot of things to offer. You can read more about it in our Alpena Vacation Guide.

Alpena’s Mich E-Ke Wis Park

The perfect spot for Thunder Bay is Mich-E-Ke-Wis Park, one of our favourite Lake Huron beaches. It is a great spot for sanding and playing in the gentle waves, as the waters warm up quickly under the sun.

There’ll be a splash pad and youth/women’s fields, playground equipment, a BMX bicycle park, volleyball courts, horseshoe holes, picnic area, beach, parking lots, and an enclosed shelter building for the park.

Negwegon State Park

Do not be deceived by the official State Park title: Negwegon has been hidden from beach explorers and locals for many years as one of Michigan’s hidden gems.

Follow the sandy trail from your car to a beautiful, isolated beach with a clear, shallow bay. You’ll be amazed at the pure Michigan beauty.

TIP: After exploring this amazing spot, continue south on M-23 towards Harrisville, where you will find the Alcona Brew Haus. This is one of Michigan’s most renowned craft breweries.

Harrisville State Park

This quiet, unassuming park will be a favorite whether you’re traveling solo or with your family. It is located outside of Harrisville, a small port town. It is one of Michigan’s oldest state parks.

This beach is popular with campers and has clear, shallow water. There are also restrooms, picnic tables, and a pavilion. You can also find a few miles worth of hiking trails.

Three-Mile Beach Park at Oscoda

Let’s not talk about it. This beautiful, natural beach is located just three miles from Oscoda. Imagine warm, shallow water that is so clear you can see the ripples below your feet.

There is not much else here except the beach. But that’s all you really need. There are also grills, tables, and restrooms.

Oscoda Beach Park

This beautiful park is located in Oscoda, on the shores Lake Huron. Oscoda has so many things to do. This park is a highlight of Oscoda, a beautiful Lake Huron beach community.

Oscoda Beach Park is one of the most popular Michigan’s Great Lakes beaches because it offers many family-friendly and fun activities. There’s a Splash pad, a picnic area, a skate park, basketball court and pavilion. You can also find benches, grills, benches and a bathhouse.

Accessible by wheelchair, the beachfront is accessible to all. You can also walk along the boardwalk to reach the paved pier. This popular spot is loved by fishermen of all ages.

Tawas Point State Park

This tiny, unassuming beach is known as Cape Cod-esque and stretches out into the bright, blue Lake Huron.

The Tawas State Park beaches, home to the famous Tawas Point Lighthouse are great for a day of relaxing on the shallow shoreline.

Tawas Shoreline Park

It’s a popular spot to camp, but it’s also dog-friendly so your dog can enjoy the water.

This park is large and beautiful. There are new picnic tables, pavilions and benches to sit and gaze out at the stunning Tawas Bay.

A 450-foot pier for walking, fishing and a swing is available. Another reason to love Tawas Area is their excellent access to the beautiful beachfront.

Best Lake Huron Beaches along Michigan’s Thumb Coast

Caseville County Park

This popular beach is located in the center of downtown Caseville. Caseville is a popular resort town and hosts a lot of summer fun. A wide beach is available with concessions, a pier and even a rental stand for paddle boards, kayaks, and kiteboards.

PRO-TIP – You might consider renting one of 200 seasonal campsites that offer amazing access to the beachfront. They fill quickly so you’ll need to act fast.

Albert Sleeper State Park

We love Sleeper State Park because it feels so remote. This park is located on Saginaw Bay, in the middle of an old dune forest. It has a sandy beach and shallow water. Here, you can also find four miles of biking and hiking trails.

Philp County Park

The Huron County park is located between Port Austin and Caseville on Michigan’s M-25. It is the perfect spot to go for a quick swim at Lake Huron. There are also restrooms and picnic tables.

Port Crescent State Park

Port Crescent State Park is located at the tip Michigan’s “Thumb” and has three miles along Saginaw Bay. These waters are ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

The state park provides full-service access to sandy beaches and ADA accessibility.

Port Crescent is also a Michigan darkness preserve. This means that if you are camping or visiting at night you can see the stars up close and unadulterated from city lights. The northern light might be visible from your tent!

TIP: Spend some time exploring nearby Port Austin. This charming resort town is located at the tip Michigan’s thumb.

Port Sanilac Lake Huron Roadside Park

Lake Huron Roadside Park is located just north of Lexington in the small harbor town of Port Sanilac. The park is located high up on a bluff with a view of Lake Huron. It’s along the M-25 highway which runs along the Michigan shore. It boasts some spectacular Lake Huron scenery, including the Mackinac Bridge.

Patrick Tierney Beach/ Lexington State Harbor

This charming beach is located in Lexington, Michigan. It’s just over an hour from Detroit.

A wide sandy beach with soft sand and a pier that can be walked to reach the waters of Lake Huron will be found. There is also a playground and facilities for the disabled. It is a short walk to downtown Lexington.

Lakeport State Park

This popular camping spot in southeast Michigan is divided into two parks by the M-25 highway. The beach side is the area where the day-use park is. Here you will find a pebble beach that is great for swimming in the shallow waters.

Lighthouse Beach and Park at Port Huron

Historic Lighthouse Park has a sandy beach with a great view of the Blue Water Bridge.

The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is Michigan’s oldest lighthouse and can be found on the ground. There is a playground, picnic tables, and clean toilets.

The beach is popular with beachcombers, who enjoy walking along the shoreline of Lake Huron looking for cool rocks or beach glass. They also have a lot luck. This spot is a must-see for rockhounds.

Lake Huron Facts

You might be amazed at the size of Lake Huron if you have never been there. It’s actually the third-largest freshwater lake in the entire world. It is known for its freshwater.

This means that there are no salt or sharks in Lake Huron. However, you should exercise caution when visiting this beautiful lake. You should be aware of the dangers of rough waves and rip currents.

The water temperature can reach 70 degrees in the summer, but it drops and is much colder in the winter, spring, and fall.

Many lighthouses can be found on Lake Huron. You can also visit many beautiful lighthouses on Lake Huron.

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