Silver Beach Michigan

Silver Beach County Park is the Best Michigan Beach

Silver Beach County Park is located in St. Joseph and is one of the most popular beaches on Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan beaches consistently make it onto every list of the “best lakeside beaches”. They are well-known for their clear waters, clean beaches and photoshopped views. Silver Beach has it all: clean, wide beaches; stunningly blue water; and some of the most beautiful views in southwest Michigan.

St. Joseph is a popular summer destination for both Michiganders and out-of-towners alike.

Every year thousands of people visit this area to enjoy the soft white sand coastline that meets the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan. You won’t be able to look away from the breathtaking view.

Learn more about Silver Beach, and get started planning your Michigan beach day today!

Silver Beach: A Must-See Summer Destination

Silver Beach is St. Silver Beach is the most popular beach in St. Joseph. There’s something for everyone, from swimming in the ocean to paddleboarding and kayaking to playing in the huge splash pad to sand volleyball.

Silver Beach is a popular spot for vacation, but it’s not as crowded as one might think. There are 2,450 feet of sandy beach so you can spread out and have fun without worrying about crowds.

Designated Swimming Beach

Silver Beach has a large section of the beach that is exclusively for swimming. This allows kayakers and swimmers to enjoy plenty of space for their own activities as well as many other amenities we will discuss below.

TIP: Swimming is not only fun but also a great exercise for your body, health professionals say!

Silver Beach

Silver Beach was made a county park when Berrien County renovated a portion of it to make it the “Riviera del Midwest”.

The St. Joseph River flows into Lake Michigan at the northern end of the beach. You can walk up to the South Pier for a 360-degree panorama of this top tourist destination.

The North Pier is located on the opposite side of the river and is a famous photo opportunity. It has a raised catwalk connecting the beginning of the pier with the end, where the lighthouse rests. These piers offer the best views of Silver Beach’s sunset.

You can find many worthwhile places in St. Joseph near Silver Beach. Visit our Ultimate Guide to St. Joseph for all the wonderful things this charming resort town has to share.

Why visit Silver Beach?

Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan is one of the most popular east Michigan beaches.

St. Joe’s small-town feel gives you and your loved ones that relaxed, unassuming vibe. The upscale boutiques along with yacht clubs will give your vacation an elegant and classy touch. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t want to feel relaxed and elegant at the same moment. Only St. Only Joe can offer this experience.

Silver Beach: What to Expect

Silver Beach Parking

You can have a unique experience before you ever get to the beach. How will you get there?

Silver Beach and the Lake Michigan shoreline are located below a high bluff at downtown St. Joseph.

Parking is available at the beach but I prefer to park on the bluff by the shops of downtown St. Joseph so I have a great view of Silver Beach and Lake Boulevard.

You can see the Silver Beach Carousel, Children’s Museum, fountain and Dune Pavilion.

These views are simply unbeatable.

You can also walk down the stairs from the bluff. Beach parking is a good option for those with a few wobbly feet. Silver Beach offers great ADA access to Lake Michigan and has wide, paved pathways. Silver Beach Carousel

Things to do at Silver Beach

You will pass the Silver Beach Pizza , that has been voted “Best Pizza In Southwest Michigan.” It is located in an Amtrak station and was renovated in train station.

You’ll see the Silver Beach Carousel to your right, as well as the Curious Children Museum as you move towards the beach. These attractions are great for starting the day with the family. However, if you don’t want to spend the afternoon inside the Curious Kids Museum, you can always take your kids to the fountain.

On your left, as you approach the beach, the fountain could be described as a splashpad. Seriously, I have never seen the fountain without seeing lots of children having fun.

Silver Beach is a great place to play or lay out volleyball. There’s also a playground and excellent fishing spots right along the pier.

Silver Beach has more to offer

Silver Beach has the fishing spots and beach volleyball courts already mentioned. It also offers a fully stocked concession stand and clean bathrooms. There are also outdoor showers, picnic tables and grills and barrier-free walkways.

Our furry friends can’t be allowed on the sand due to hygiene concerns. However, dogs are permitted in other areas of the park provided they are kept leashed.

TIP: Parents with toddlers have easy access to a smaller playground. This is ideal for kids who are not afraid of the larger children.

The Beach

Now that you have made it to the beach you can choose your spot and enjoy a day on the sun. The beach is one of the most cleanest in West Michigan. It is also in perfect condition.

Silver Beach has a designated swimming area, at 1600 feet. This is just one of many reasons that Silver Beach is such a popular destination. You can enjoy your time here, whether you’re looking to learn kitesurfing or simply to have fun swimming with a frisbee.

Fourth of July at Silver Beach

The Dunes Pavilion offers spectacular fireworks shows which are sure to make your Fourth of July memorable. You’ll see bridal photos taken at the Dunes Pavilion and on the pier throughout the summer. Most of the brides celebrate at the sought-after Shadowland Ballroom.

PRO-TIP – Shadowland Ballroom is an ideal location for weddings. Your wedding photos can be taken on the carousel, the beach or both.

Silver Beach has many more things to do

Explore Downtown St Joseph

Downtown St. Joe is the perfect place to end a perfect day. Kilwin’s is my favorite downtown shop – it has the best chocolate and sweet shop anywhere in west Michigan. You can browse the many shops along State Street and discover hidden treasures.

Third Coast Surf Shop is my favorite shop, but there are so many other shops to choose from that it can be difficult to pick one. RyeBells Restaurant & Bar is a great choice if you’re looking for a good restaurant. The deck overlooks the beach and you can listen to live music from the balcony.

The unique atmosphere of St. Joseph, a small town with an elegant feel, is something you must experience.

Silver Beach Vacations: Plan Now

Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan is my favorite beach. This beach is a top pick for “Best of” lists due to its iconic lighthouse, piers, breathtaking views, and stunning sunsets. Go see and do all that Silver Beach has to provide and then come back to comment on your experience.

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