Saugatuck Michigan – Where to Visit?

We have a confession to share: we are in LOVE with Saugatuck MI.

Who can blame us for looking out over the beautiful, windswept bluffs that overlook Lake Michigan’s ever-changing, changing Lake Michigan?

Saugatuck and Douglas, which are both nearby, are great places to visit. The beautiful setting of these west Michigan beaches seems to keep everyone happy.

Saugatuck brings a smile to our faces every time we visit, whether it’s the incredible art scene, award-winning beaches or endless outdoor activities.

You Will Love to Visit Saugatuck…

Saugatuck MI is one of those spots you must see: just take a quick left off the scenic Blue Star Highway, and you’ll be in the middle one of the most picturesque places in Michigan.

Saugatuck, MI and Douglas, MI are the two places you should visit if you’re looking for the perfect spot to spend your vacation that has beautiful beaches, art galleries, and a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

These spots are quiet and peaceful in southwest Michigan’s Allegan County. They can be used for a day trip or weekend getaway, as well as a longer vacation. (You can also check out our post about the top places to stay in Saugatuck, complete map, here).

Saugatuck has it all, whether you are looking for a luxurious getaway or budget travel.

Below, we share our top picks for Saugatuck and a map of Saugatuck with our favorite beaches.

Continue reading to find out WHY Saugatuck, Michigan is one of the best beaches in Michigan.

Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail

Did we forget wine tasting?

Saugatuck is located in the middle the southwest Michigan wine trail. These primo grapes can be made into delicious wines that you can try at local wineries. Our Ultimate guide to Michigan wineries contains more information.

Why visit Saugatuck or Douglas?

Visitors from Chicago, Michigan, and other cities have been visiting this spot for decades. It is a great spot to take a family vacation or just a weekend escape, nestled off the Blue Star Hwy, surrounded by blue waterways and sandy dunes.

St. When it comes to stunning beaches, Saugatuck is more than equal to Grand Haven and Joseph.

This spot is a must-see. It has so many unique features: World-Respected Beaches, a top-rated Arts Community, acclaimed restaurants, and wineries.

This is Midwest living at its best.

About Saugatuck & Douglas

Douglas and Saugatuck are two of the most beautiful little beaches in the country. They take this role very seriously and attract visitors from all over the world.

The charming downtown historic districts offer quaint and charming living spaces, as well as fine dining, shops, and art galleries.

Douglas is situated on the banks the Kalamazoo River. This stunning natural setting offers many opportunities for paddleboarders and kayakers.

Saugatuck is located in the sandy dunes of the Lake Michigan coast and is equally charming. It offers endless outdoor adventures, including biking, hiking, beaching, and dune buggy riding.

There is something for everyone in Saugatuck, Douglas.

Explore Saugatuck and Douglas: Twin Cities

We will start by telling visitors that Saugatuck (or “twin” cities) is one of Michigan’s most sought-after destinations.

It is a beautiful spot with endless Lake Michigan beaches and charming downtowns filled with unique shops and restaurants.

You can find both comfortable and luxurious accommodations in this area, which offers visitors the chance to explore the beautiful region on the shores Lake Michigan and Kalamazoo River.

It is also home to some beautiful natural beaches such as Oval Beach which is renowned for its beauty and its pristine environment.

Saugatuck is well-known for…

  • Oval Beach is the home to the stunning Oval Beach. It has received numerous awards from notable media outlets such as Conde Nast Traveler who called it one of “Top 25 Beaches of the World” and National Geographic Traveler who called it “Top Freshwater Beach in America “… one of the most beautiful beaches in the state.”
  • This vibrant arts community was named one of the “Top Five Art Towns in America”. It brings revolving exhibitions, live concerts and independent film screenings to Saugatuck and Douglas Michigan.
  • This historic, charming shopping district is bursting with shops, galleries and restaurants that draw thousands of visitors to its downtown area in the fall and summer months.
  • Saugatuck State Park’s towering freshwater coast dunes are over 200 feet high. It has a stunning view of Lake Michigan and sandy dunes that reach up to 200 feet.
  • The Saugatuck Chain Ferry is the last remaining chain-driven ferry in this country.

Saugatuck, MI Weather

Saugatuck, MI weather is typical Michigan. It’s cold and snowy in winter, and it’s delightfully warm and sunny in summer.

From June to September, temperatures will range between 70 F and 80 F. The summer months may bring cooler mornings and evenings. Typically, the temperature is lower at 70-60 F.

Lake Michigan Sunsets at Saugatuck

A beautiful sight is the flaming sun setting on Lake Michigan from Saugatuck beaches.

It is an unforgettable experience to be surrounded by the natural beauty and splendor of the dunes while watching the sun set over Lake Michigan.

Take a blanket or a towel and make your way to the beach in the evening. Enjoy the view!

Saugatuck Beaches & Parks: The Best Michigan Beaches

Use the Saugatuck Beach Map

The best beaches in the nation can be found in Allegan County in Michigan. It is home to the cities of Saugatuck, Douglas, and Saugatuck township. The stunning Lake Michigan coastline of Saugatuck includes numerous parks and public beaches. Some are secluded, others are bustling with activity.

To find the perfect Michigan beach, use the Interactive Saugatuck Beach Map.

The Best Beaches of Saugatuck, MI

Douglas Beach

Beach, Swimming, Restrooms, *Steep stairs

Laketown Beach

Beach, Swimming, Dunes, *VERY long staircase

Oval Beach

Swimming, ADA, and Wheelchair Accessible *Voted one Conde Nast Traveler “TOP Freshwater beaches,” Restrooms, Concessions

Pier Cove Beach

Swimming, Beach

Saugatuck Dunes State Park

Swimming, Beach, Restrooms. *Long walk to the beach (.6 miles).

West Side County Park

Swimming, Restrooms and Pavilions, Playgrounds, Picnic Areas

ADA and Wheelchair-Accessible Beaches in Saugatuck, MI

Discover Oval Beach: Voted Best Beach in the World

Beautiful Oval Beach features a wooden walkway that runs north to the shoreline. There are also accessible restrooms.

Oval Beach offers a sense of privacy, even when it is crowded, thanks to its low bluffs leading down to a soft, wide beach that stretches into the crystal clear Lake Michigan.

Saugatuck, MI: Dog-Friendly Beaches

Saugatuck’s beaches do not allow dogs. However, there are some beaches nearby in South Haven or Grand Haven that allow them.

South Haven is home to the closest dog-friendly beaches near Saugatuck.

  • Deerlick Creek Beach
    (269) 637-3305
  • Hagar Shores Roadside Park

Downtown Saugatuck Shopping

The historic center of Saugatuck Michigan is located around Butler St.

You will find a fun resort atmosphere with ice cream and fudge shops, charming restaurants and coffee shops, as well as places to sample local wines and craft beer.

Lovely Village Square Park is also located downtown. It’s a great spot to relax and enjoy the sights.

The Saugatuck Social District, which runs along the riverfront shopping area from the beginning of April to the end May, is new.

In an effort to increase traffic to restaurants and businesses, the new social district will allow visitors to enjoy food and drink outdoors.

Within the downtown social area, there are 20 restaurants, bars and breweries that are eligible.

Douglas, a nearby community of art enthusiasts, is home to galleries and gourmet restaurants. There are also art shows and performances by national and local artists.

Saugatuck, MI Restaurants

These spots are great for foodies. You’ll find top-rated restaurants and cafes serving fresh, small-plate cuisines.

These are the best places to eat in Saugatuck or Douglas

  • Bowdie’s Chophouse
  • Crane’s Pie Pantry Restaurant & Winery
  • Pennyroyal Cafe & Provisions
  • Respite Cappuccino Court
  • Wicks Park
  • Wild Dog Grille

Saugatuck, MI Breweries

Saugatuck, MI is home to a growing craft beer scene. These four breweries offer beer and cider.

  • Mitten Brewing Company
  • Saugatuck Brewing Company
  • Virtue Cider
  • Waypost Brewing Co.

Saugatuck, MI Wineries

Saugatuck, Douglas and Fennville are contenders for best beach town in the country. They are big on outdoor activities and are part the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.

The fertile coast lands of southwest Michigan provide excellent conditions for grapes, other fruits, and vegetables. These wines are some of the finest in Michigan.


Saugatuck-Douglas: More Activities

Oxbox School of Art
This area is known as the “art coast of Michigan” and it has a lot to do with the Ox-Bow School of Art. It was founded in 1908 by an artist colony. It is still alive and well, and Saugatuck’s art scene is rapidly growing.

They are an extension of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and offer classes for credit as well as fellowships, residencies, and other opportunities for artists of all media.

Ox-Bow, a vital part the art coast, brings workshops and performances to the region throughout the year.

Mount Baldhead
Visit Mt. Baldhead Park, and take in the stunning views of Saugatuck or the Kalamazoo River. Mt. Baldhead is well worth the climb.

Register for a Cooking Class
Saugatuck and Douglas are known for being a culinary haven. Some restaurants offer cooking classes that will teach patrons how to make their favourite dishes.

Lulu Cadieux is a lifestyle boutique that also offers cooking classes.

Explore Saugatuck Dunes
The Saugatuck Dunes State Park covers 1,000 acres of freshwater dunes with more than 2.5 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Saugatuck dune rides are a way to get around on a Saugatuck vacation.

You can enjoy your ride by visiting Silver Lake Sand Dunes just a few hours north.

The Saugatuck Douglas History Center
The museum is located at the foot Mt. This tiny museum, located at the foot of Mt.

Take the Saugatuck Chain Ferry to Kalamazoo Lake
Since 1838, this fun ferry transports visitors across Kalamazoo lake.

This historic ferry transports visitors to Saugatuck on a hand-propelled boat for almost 200 years.

You can also rent a boat in the area to explore the area from the water.

Saugatuck MI: Where to Stay

Saugatuck hotels are easy to find.

Saugatuck and Douglas are charming areas that offer a variety of accommodations, including motels, hotels, and bed and breakfasts.

You might have heard of the Wickwood Hotel which is a luxury spot in downtown Saugatuck that Julee Rosso, Silver Palate Cookbook author, owns.

Visitors to the Saugatuck region have many options for lodging.

Lake Michigan Beach Vacation Rentals

Saugatuck has many vacation rentals, including homes and cabins.

You can also rent many homes and cabins around Saugatuck and its surrounding areas.

Private Michigan beach vacation rentals include large, luxurious lakefront homes as well as smaller, family-friendly cabins and homes.

These rental properties are available for rent in Saugatuck if you’re looking to rent a home.

  • Airbnb
  • Hometogo
  • VRBO

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