Oval Beach in Saugatuck Michigan

Lake Michigan has many beautiful beaches. However, Oval Beach in Saugatuck MI stands out as one of the most stunning and well-known. This beautiful beach has a sandy beach that backs up to low, sandy dunes and a large, sparkling, blue Lake Michigan. You’ll be captivated by the beauty of nature at this beach.

This stunning beach in west Michigan was voted by Conde Nast’s Traveler magazine one of the “top 25 beaches worldwide”. You can be sure that it is one of the most beautiful freshwater beaches anywhere in the world. Ask anyone who has been there.

Perfect Lake Michigan Beach

This post is located near downtown Saugatuck. It is one of the top Michigan beaches. You’ll find plenty of parking and a concession stand. There are also clean bathrooms. There are soft sandy beaches, plenty of space to stretch out, and the Star of Saugatuck paddleboat cruises along the coast.

Continue reading to find out why Oval Beach Park is my favorite and why you should too.

About Oval Beach: West Michigan Beach Paradise

This is a top Michigan tourist spot, located near Lake Michigan and the Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area. Tourists and Michiganders alike can spend the summer swimming, relaxing and admiring the sunset over Lake Michigan. This is one of the most beautiful spots to view a Michigan Sunset.

Saugatuck Douglas is well-known for its beaches. The sand dunes at Saugatuck State Park, which lead to the Lake Michigan and Laketown Beach, are stunning.

Oval Beach is what draws me back every summer. It grabs my attention, and it makes me want to return every summer to Saugatuck in Michigan.

Oval Beach is located in Saugatuck (MI)

Summer getaways you love

Sure, St. Although Grand Haven and Saint.

This is truly one of my favorite beaches in southwest Michigan, or beaches in the USA. I can’t wait every summer to get my toes in this beautiful freshwater beach.

This spot is ideal for a day at the beach, whether you’re looking to walk along the dunes nearby or simply meander along the soft sandy shoreline.

PRO-TIP – If you want to be sure of a spot in one the parking lots, make sure you get there early. This secret gem isn’t so hidden, and there will be many people competing for your spot during peak summer.

How to Visit Oval Beach

Where to Park

Parking at Oval Beach during peak summer season can prove difficult, as I already mentioned. There is plenty of parking but Oval Beach is also very popular. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this incredible spot.

You can park your car in the lot for $10 (collected from 9 a.m.-8: p.m. on Memorial Day-Labor Day) and $50 per season pass. You can purchase day passes and season passes at the beach gate. Accepted payment methods include cash and credit cards. Beach entry is available for free on Labor Day-Memorial Day.

There are other ways to get to Oval Beach in Saugatuck

You can also take the Chain Ferry (Memorial Day – Labor Day) across the river to downtown Saugatuck for $2 per person. Then, walk half a mile along Perryman Street until you reach the beach. You can find more information about the Chain ferry here.

The Interurban Bus (269-857-1418) will pick you up from the beach and drop you off at Saugatuck/Douglas for $1 per ride. The $10 fee for parking at the beach is not required.

What should you bring to Oval Beach?

You will need a blanket and towels to lay on the sand. You’ll want to splash around in the beautiful Lake Michigan. Make sure to add sunbock to your beach bag.

To protect myself from the sun, I always bring an umbrella or small beach tent. There are plenty of shaded areas around.

No dogs allowed

Please note that dogs are not allowed on Oval Beach. However, you can bring your dog to Deerlick Creek Beach in South Haven.

Things to do near Oval Beach

Saugatuck Chain Ferry

This Michigan beach is a must-see. Here’s a rare chance to get there. You will have a memorable experience with the Saugatuck Ferry Chain. This hand-cranked chain ferry is the last in America. The ferry, also called Dianne, will take your down the Kalamazoo River, as it flows into Lake Michigan.

How can you travel on a tight budget? It costs only $2 per person! Are you traveling with children or dogs? You can take your dog along, and they will be free of charge!

Explore Downtown Saugatuck MI

Are you looking for activities to fill a long weekend or more things to do in Saugatuck? You can browse the charming downtown for shops, restaurants, and knick-knack shops. There are also live theatre shows at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.

If you want to experience more nature, then hike Mount Baldhead or walk along Saugatuck Dunes State Park. Or head South from Saugatuck to explore West Side County Park.

For you all, here is my favorite thing about Saugatuck. Although I enjoy a good day shopping and Kilwin’s chocolate-ice cream cone, I have one thing that brings me back to Saugatuck every time I can. Oval Beach is it! Surprise. It’s unlikely.

Take a ride on the Saugatuck Dunes

For a thrilling adventure, head to Saugatuck Dunes Rides (6495 Blue Star Hwy Saugatuck, MI 49453)
Saugatuck Dune Riders offers the ultimate experience in exploring local dunes and other Michigan treasures.

The 40-minute ride takes you through the history of Singapore’s lost city and the natural environment. The buggy will allow you to walk around the area and get out of your car. Saugatuck Dune Rides staff make sure that every ride is enjoyable and provides information about the area.

Oval Beach Getaway

You should, however, take the time to enjoy the warm, inviting, and unrestricted feeling that this beach offers. Do me a favor and go to this unique destination. Close your eyes, take in the sounds of the waves and allow the atmosphere to breathe through you. You might feel as if you are on your own porch, waiting for dinner or the sun to set on an incredible day.

Don’t delay! You can start your Michigan exploration by entering 690 Perryman Street in Saugatuck, Michigan into your GPS or phone.

Oval Beach: Where to Stay

There are many places to stay in Saugatuck’s Oval Beach. This is one of the best parts about planning a trip. Our Guide to Saugatuck Best Places to Stay is available. Or, you can choose from our top spots in the region.

Wake Robin
Douglas, MI

The private rental home is a wonderful find and an excellent choice for couples or large families. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is very rare among private rentals. The large furnished deck and bright kitchen make it a more comfortable place to stay. A fire pit is available for evening bonfires.

Serendipity Bed and Breakfast
203 Griffith Street Saugatuck MI 49453

The Serendipity bed and breakfast is my favorite thing about it. It offers a full English/Irish breakfast with local ingredients whenever possible. You can choose from either standard rooms or cottages.

Best Western Plaza Hotel Saugatuck
3457 Blue Star Highway, Saugatuck, MI 49453

The Best Western Plaza hotel is one of the few chain hotels in this region. The rooms are comfortable and clean, located just a few minutes from Oval Beach. You can also find an indoor pool and a continental breakfast every day.

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