Michigan’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor – Superman Ice Cream

Superman Ice Cream is simple to visualize: Imagine ice cream in a rainbow of colors and tastes, including bright blues and deep reds as well as shocking yellows.

You can make Superman Ice Cream, Michigan’s most popular flavor, by adding flavors such as cherry, Detroit-style “Red Pop”, blue raspberry, blue moon, or blue almond, and vanilla flavors.

But HOW does it taste?

This Michigan-inspired flavor can be found in ice cream parlors across the state. These are serious ice creams!

Continue reading to learn more about the unique Midwestern flavor of Superman ice-cream and where you can find it in Michigan.

Discover Delicious Ice Cream in Michigan

Michigan is home to many ice cream parlors, which are paradise for sweet-toothed icecream lovers.

Michigan has a unique regional variety of ice-cream. It is best known for its three colors: yellow, red and blue. This crazy flavor is a hit with ice cream shops across the state, from Mackinac Island to West Michigan and Metro Detroit.

It might be better called “Midwest Superman Ice Cream” because it is indeed that. This rare treat is hard to find outside of the Midwest.

Superman Ice cream is a Michigan tradition that has been around for many years. Many a road trip was planned to find the Superman Ice cream flavor.

You’ll see why after just one bite of this frozen treat, which is heavy on vanilla extract.

Superman Ice Cream: A childhood favorite

This is a Michigander and Midwesterner favorite from childhood.

Is there an Ice Cream named after Superman, the comic strip and television star?


Although Superman may not be real, these flavors are real and can be credited to Stroh’s Brewing, a Detroit-based brewery.

Stroh’s Brewing History: The Invention of Superman Ice Cream

Who would have thought that a beer company could create one of the most unique flavors in ice cream?

This confectionary delight was created by Detroit’s Stroh’s Brewery, which was well-known in southeast Michigan for its beer production before it was bought by Pabst. It was made during prohibition when the brewery had to cease producing alcohol.

We’re so glad they did. This delicious mixture of frozen heavy cream and vanilla has been delighting our hearts ever since.

PRO-TIP : Want to find out more about Detroit? You can visit Belle Isle Park in Detroit, or the Detroit Riverwalk. It has been voted the best riverwalk in America.

Superman Ice Cream: There is no affiliation with DC Comics

Superman Ice Cream, though not affiliated with DC Comics, is as famous as its nameake.

This superman ice cream was inspired by the colors of Superman’s costume, which includes red, yellow, and blue. This ice cream is as extraordinary as Superman himself, and it’s rightly so.

Superman, the DC Comics comic book legend, made an impact on Michigan. Greenbush Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in southwest Michigan between New Buffalo (NY) and St. Joseph was even named after him.

What Flavor Is Superman Ice Cream?

What is the Superman Ice Cream flavor?

It is best known for its distinctive blue, red and yellow color scheme. However, it also has a unique flavor.

It’s a Neopolitan-style ice cream with three flavors. These are more outrageous than the rest.

Blue moon, cherry, vanilla, and vanilla are the most popular combinations, but there are many other Superman Ice Cream variations all over Michigan and the Midwest.

Atlas Obscura claims that the flavors are vanilla, blue moon, or Red Pop. Red Pop is a mix of strawberry flavors and comes from Faygo, a well-known Michigan soda company.

Blue Moon Ice Cream is named after the bright blue food coloring which gives it its name. It has a super-sweet, light almond taste.

The Red, Yellow and Blue Flavors

Superman Ice Cream offers a unique flavor experience with each version.

Some people swap the regular cherry ice cream for the sweeter black cherry, which is great for those who have a sweet tooth. For a tarter flavor, you might see vanilla ice cream swapped for lemon icecreams.

There are many ways to enjoy this super hero ice cream. As long as you get the iconic swirl of red, blue and yellow, it doesn’t really matter what kind of icecream you choose.

How to Eat Superman Ice Cream

Each flavor can be enjoyed individually, such as the section with lemon (in certain versions of superman Ice Cream) or the blue moon Ice Cream.

If you feel adventurous, you can explore all three colors and any combination of flavors.

The possibilities are endless, as with most things in Michigan.

Superman Ice Cream: Where can you find it?

You can try this unique ice cream at any Michigan ice cream parlors or grocery stores.

These are some of our favorites so that you can enjoy this delicious treat authentically.

  • The Parlour at Jackson
  • Stroh’s Ice cream Parlor in Bloomfield Hills
  • Stroh’s Ice cream Parlor in Wyandotte
  • Laura Secord Chocolate
  • House of Flavors Ludington

Are you not in Michigan? Or are you looking for a road trip? A great cone can be found at Cedar Crest Ice Cream Factory or Parlor. They have locations throughout Wisconsin.

TIP: We love Super Moo. It’s available at United Dairy Farmer stores throughout Michigan.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

You want to make your own Ice Cream?

There are many great recipes on the internet, but we have one we love to share.

Here’s a link for a Spoonuniveristy.com recipe for a delicious, Nochurn Superman Ice Cream.

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