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Michigan Adventure

You’ll feel the warmth of the summer sun on your skin, the sweet smell of popcorn and cotton candy, the sounds of wooden roller coasters against wheels and the delight screams in the air as you enter Michigan’s Adventure in West Michigan.

Perhaps water rides and roller coasters were part of your childhood. Or maybe you have never been to an amusement park. This Muskegon water park and roller coaster is the ideal way to spend a day or more in the summer.

Michigan has more than 20 waterparks and this one is absolutely the best!

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Michigan’s Adventure Water Park: History

Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon started in 1956 as Deer Park, a petting zoo. Twelve years later, it was renamed Funland when carnival rides and then roller coasters were added. It evolved from a Michigan deer park to a place for thrills and fun over the years.

The park was remodeled and popularized after Cedar Fair Entertainment Company purchased it in 2001.

Cedar Fairs’ ambition to build more thrill-based roller coasters helped the park in northern Michigan reach national rankings. It is now a beloved amusement park that hosts music festivals and brings in all audiences. Every summer, it reunites children and adults with their spirit of adventure.

Michigan Adventure Rides

It’s amazing to slowly climb a roller coaster. Everything below you becomes smaller as you ascend higher into the sky. Then, you roll over the highest peak and descend the hill with excitement in your ears.

Michigan’s Adventure has the perfect place for you if this sounds like pure Michigan fun. The park offers thrill rides such as the Shivering Timbers, a mile long wooden roller coaster, as well family rides like its giant gondola.

For younger riders, there are also the Mad Mouse and the Wolverine Wildcat.

Michigan Adventure Waterpark

With an unforgettable splash, you can jump into Michigan’s Wildwater Adventure water park. Michigan’s Adventures waterpark offers a variety of water-based activities. These are our top picks:

Wave pools (or Boogie Beach) are suitable for both shallow-water swimmers and deep-water floaters. Five minutes are followed by five minutes off, and then five minutes on again. This allows you to enjoy the water and body surf the waves.

You can relax in the water if you get tired after a long day of fun.

Michigan Family-Friendly Waterpark

Half-pint paradise is great for families with young children. You can enjoy interactive water features and slides for children, as well as areas where parents can relax while watching their children.

Wildwater Adventure has water slides such as this Funnel Of Fear. You and four friends will be able to ride a tube that turns and twists as you go down the watery tunnel until you reach the end.

Another favorite is the Grand Rapids raft ride. You travel down the rapids with a group of rafts. The water splashes you from all sides and diverts you down the river.

Wildwater Adventure has many more water attractions and rides. Once you’re part of the Michigan Adventure water park, it’s difficult to leave.

Michigan’s Adventure also offers other attractions

Attractions like the Timbertown Railway or ferris wheel are available for those who prefer to relax.

Camp Snoopy will be coming to the park in 2021. This section features a Peanuts-themed section, family rides, a climbing area called the Beagle Scout Acres and lush landscaping. This new feature makes Michigan Adventure even more appealing to families with children!

Things to do near Michigan’s Adventure

Michigan’s Adventure is a great place to stay if you plan to spend more than one night at the park. Michigan’s Adventure is close to some of Michigan’s most beautiful beaches and beach towns like Grand Haven or Muskegon.

Cedar Fair Entertainment strives to bring you the best of Michigan’s Adventure every year. It’s more than the park; it’s also the surrounding area. If you are planning a multi-day trip, here are some places you will love to visit in Muskegon.

You can take a break from all the excitement at the amusement park by strolling the halls of the Muskegon Art Museum.

Pere Marquette Park features a stunning beach and lighthouse, space for sunbathing and a great shoreline for swimming and family fun.

The Farmers Market in Muskegon is a great place to spend an afternoon. You will find a variety of vendors selling everything, from flowers and produce to home décor.

Click here to see a complete list of hotels close to Michigan’s Adventure.

Michigan’s Adventure has season passes available that allow you to enjoy the park for a season. Visit the Michigan Adventure website to purchase a daily ticket, or fast lane pass.

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