Lexington Beach Michigan – Ultimate Travel Guide

Charming Lexington MI is one the most well-kept secrets of Michigan.

You are looking for the perfect place to spend your beach vacation in a small, charming village on the coast of Michigan’s Great Lakes.

It’s only an hour away from Detroit. We found it. It’s close enough to make a quick getaway, but far enough away that you can enjoy a relaxing Lake Huron vacation.

Clear, blue water, wide beaches with soft sand and a charming downtown are all part of this beautiful area.

What more could you need to enjoy a day at the beach?

Continue reading to learn how to plan your perfect vacation to Michigan Beach in Lexington, MI.

Explore Lexington Michigan

The charming village of Lexington, located on the east coast Michigan’s “mitten”, is a hidden treasure.

Since decades, we have been visiting this area, swimming in the shallow, clear waters and stopping by the charming boutiques along Huron Avenue.

Because it is such an idyllic spot, we end up taking lots and lots of photos. There are tidy cottages along the shoreline and well-maintained gardens that show off their best in summer and fall.

Lexington is another hidden gem in Michigan you will want to discover soon.

Lexington is the perfect place for a weekend getaway, a day trip or a longer vacation.

Lexington: Explore More

The Lexington is located on Michigan’s Thumb Coast and offers many outdoor activities.

You can find year-round activities for everyone here, from hiking to biking, to golfing, and boating.

Join us for a tour of Lexington

We will start at Huron Avenue, which runs through the middle of the village and ends in a sparkling blue Lake Huron.

Lexington State Harbor is located here, as well as the beautiful waterfront park and beach.

You could be busy for days on end with the beautiful, well-maintained waterfront area that includes a large state harbor.

The village of Lexington has a beachfront park with a parks and recreation department. It features a butterfly garden, which is a must-see for visitors, as well as native Michigan wildflowers.

Take in the stunning views of Lake Huron from a comfortable bench or branch.

This tiny village in Sanilac County has so much to offer: Lakeview Hills Golf Resort, Lexington Brewing, Lexington Harbor, Delaware Park Forester Park, and many other great spots.

Lexington, MI is known for

  • Lexington State Harbor is one of the most picturesque harbors on Lake Huron. It features a play area, picnic area, wide sandy beaches, and more.
  • Easy driving distance from metro Detroit is the wide, sugar-sand beaches and clean, clear Lake Huron waters
  • The Stone House – This Maltese Castle was built using Lake Huron sands and stone. This amazing piece of architecture is available for rent for just one day per year
  • The Lexington General Store’s original hardwood floors and penny candy, as well as the original wooden floors, are a classic packed of Michigan-made products, candies, and other specialty products.

Stay in Lexington, MI

The beautiful beaches of Lexington are surrounded by sugar-sand beaches, and you can enjoy the freshwater breezes from Lake Huron. This is the ideal spot for a relaxing vacation.

Downtown Lexington is just 30 minutes north of Port Huron on M-25, the scenic lakeshore road that runs along the beautiful coastline. It’s easy to forget about the world when you step into Lexington’s charming charm.

Lexington is a convenient day trip destination that is located just over an hour from Detroit. It’s also a great choice for families and beach-goers.

Beautiful Lake Huron

The Lexington Harbor is one of the two harbors in Sanilac County, located adjacent to Lexington’s beachfront park.

Clear, shallow waters …. clear enough to see the sugar-sand beaches leading to wide, sandy beaches.

Lexington’s waterfront is part of its charm. It features a large marina that is active, as well as a beautiful beachfront park with benches and a children’s playground. There’s even a butterfly garden.

A wide, paved pier juts out Lake Huron. There is also a beachmat leading to the water that can be used by wheelchair users and other mobility aids.

These features make it easy to visit the beach with strollers, and very family-friendly.

Lexington, MI Weather

The Lexington MI weather is typical of Michigan: it’s cold and snowy in winter, and sunny and warm in summer.

From June to September, temperatures will range between 70 F and 80 F. The summer months may bring cooler mornings and evenings. Typically, the temperature is lower at 70-60 F.

The Sunrise Side of Lake Huron

Lexington faces east along Lake Huron’s coast and captures all the beauty of the sun rising up from the water.

You’ll be able to make memories that will last a lifetime if you are lucky enough to see the sun rise on Michigan’s Sunrise Side.

Best Beaches in Lexington (MI)

There are numerous beaches north and south of the Lake Huron coast, in addition to those found downtown Lexington.

You’ll find Michigan at its best from Port Huron along the highway M-25 to Port Austin, at the “Tip of Michigan’s Thumb,” with turquoise-striped waters and lots of sand.

You’ll find stunning bluffs with views of Lake Huron as you travel further north. There are also charming towns like Port Sanilac which is a Michigan port town.

As you travel north on the highway, the shoreline becomes more wooded. However, you can still see the beautiful Lake Huron shoreline.

Lexington Area Beaches

Delaware Park

Strand, swimming, hiking, fishing, nature trails

Forester Park

Beach, Swimming, ADA Accessible Walkway to Beach. Park Store. Picnic Pavilions. Nature Trails. Playground Equipment. Basketball Court.

Lakeport State Park

Beach, Swimming, ADA – Accessible, Dog Friendly, Playground. Hiking, Volleyball Court. Picnic Shelter

Lexington County Park

Swimming, Restrooms. Picnic Area. Pavilion. Volleyball.

Lexington State Harbor Beach

Strand, Swimming, Restrooms and Playground. Walkable Pier

Wagener County Park

Beach, Swimming, Restrooms and Hiking Trails. Playground, Boat Launch, Picnic Area, Fishing.

ADA and Wheelchair Accessible Beaches at Lexington

Lakeport State Park

The Michigan State Park is a beautiful place to camp and day-use, with easy access to the Lake Huron shoreline.

Forester County Park

Forester County Park is located along Lake Huron’s beautiful coast and offers great accessibility for campers, as well as day-use beach-goers. There are accessible campsites, showers, and cabins.

Dog-Friendly Beaches at Lexington

Lakeport State Park

Allowed on-leash dogs

Best Lake Huron Beachtown

Charming Lexington, MI is home to everything a Michigan beach town should have: a charming shopping district, a quaint General Store, and a breathtaking beachfront within walking distance.

Lexington has three public beaches and a marina. This keeps it small-town-like even in busy summer months, when people flock to the beaches and line up at local ice cream shops for sweet treats.

Lexington Wineries and Breweries

Two wineries are located in Scenic Lexington, MI. These spots are worth a visit on a trip to Lexington’s Lake Huron shoreline.

3 North Vines

Blue Water Winery & Vineyards

Things to do in Lexington, MI

You can take your time and wander through the shops, then treat yourself to an ice-cream cone or another frozen treat. Many ice cream shops can be found in Lexington. These are just three of the many ice cream shops in Lexington:

Beck’s Village Café and Ice Cream

Light House Creamery

Temptations Ice cream Parlor

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

The Fort Gratiot Light, Michigan’s oldest lighthouse, is located in Port Huron at the point where the St. Clair River and Lake Huron meet. You can visit the Lighthouse grounds or the sandy Lake Huron beach.

Lakeport, MI

To reach Lakeport, travel south on M-25, the state highway which parallels Lake Huron. Burchville Park and Lakeport State Park are peaceful settings that offer family-friendly beaches. The tranquil towns of Harbor Beach, Port Sanilac and Westport offer breathtaking views of Lake Huron.

Lakeview Hills Golf Resort

The Lexington hotel and golf resort, which features two golf courses, is a popular choice for golfers. It’s also a beautiful venue for weddings along the Lake Huron shore.

Croswell Swinging Bridge

If you are in the area, make sure to visit Croswell Mi’s swinging bridge. It is said to be the longest pedestrian bridge in Michigan. Walking the bridge, which swings gently underfoot, can be quite thrilling.

This historic bridge crosses the Black River. It isn’t so far down that it makes it scary. This is a must-see.

Common Questions about Lexington Michigan

Is there a beach in Lexington Michigan?

The freshwater breezes from Lake Huron make Lexington the ideal spot for a relaxing vacation.

Is Lexington Michigan safe?

According to the website, neighborhoodscout.com, Lexington has an annual crime rate of only 4 per one thousand people, making the chance of becoming a victim of crime here is just 1 in 280.
These statistics place Lexington among the top tier of safest communities across the country, safer than 89% of cities and towns in Michigan.

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