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Imagine yourself cruising along the legendary Michigan Highway and arriving at a destination surrounded by the stunning blues of Lake Michigan, a clear river, or a picturesque waterfall.

All of these and more can be experienced in Leland MI, a popular tourist destination in Northern Michigan.

Leland is located just a few minutes from Traverse City. It lies along the shores of Sleeping Bear Dunes and offers historic fishing shanties and a variety waterfront restaurants. You can also enjoy boat excursions to Manitou Islands and shopping while listening to the Carp River’s roar as it drops into Fishtown, Leland.

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Visit Leland, MI

Are you looking for a weekend escape, a romantic getaway, or an outdoor adventure?

Leland, MI is a charming fishing community located along the shores Lake Michigan. Leland, MI is situated in the heart Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and is surrounded by breathtaking beaches.

The charming resort town features quaint gift shops and local art galleries. There are also waterfront dining options that focus on fresh catch of the day.

You don’t have to be a fisherman. Leland, MI has something for everyone. Many tourists enjoy sitting on the welcoming deck of the Cove Restaurant and enjoying a Chubby Mary.

Some people prefer to queue up for a delicious sandwich at the Village Cheese Shanty, or to eat smoked fish from Carlson’s Fishery. They also enjoy picnicking on the banks of the Leland River and listening to the splashing blue waters cascading from the waterfall.

Whatever your preference, Leland vacations offer a variety of options to enjoy and experience the beauty of Northern Michigan.

About Leland (MI) and Historic Fishtown

Leelanau County was created in 1863 by the state of Michigan. In 1957, the Leelanau Historical Society was established to preserve and protect Leelanau’s history and its settlers.

Leland Michigan is the county seat for Leelanau County. It is well-known as a historic fishing community with a charming downtown and many specialty shops, including Fishtown Shanties. The backdrop to the beautiful crystal blue waterfall makes it a unique place.

Leland, MI offers waterfront lodging, charter fishing and Leland wine. There are also boat excursions to the Manitou Islands, North and South Manitou. Camping is possible on both North Manitou Island and South Manitou Island. Day trips can be made to South Manitou Island only.

Leland is centrally situated on the Leelanau Peninsula. It is also close to many fun Northern Michigan tourist destinations like Traverse City and Maple City.

Weather in Leland (MI)

Leland shares Michigan’s expected weather conditions: very hot in summer, and very cold winter. It has all four seasons, and plenty of activities to match them. The most seasonable months are June, July and August. July is the hottest month with an average high of 76 degrees. This makes it a more northern Michigan destination.

Leland can get several inches of snow and has an average January low of 19 degrees. Northern Michigan is well-known for its autumn colors, and Leland contributes to that splendor and vibrancy.

What are the most notable things about Leland, Michigan?

Charming Leland is a popular holiday destination especially in summer. It has a lot to offer, including hiking trails and charter fishing excursions in Lake Michigan. Leland has something for everyone, from fresh Farmers’ Markets to hiking trails and charter fishing trips in Lake Michigan.

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Leland, MI Wedding Venues

Wineries within the Leland region

Art/Wine Events


Leland, MI Restaurants and Shopping

There are many options for dining, from cozy bars to full-service restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day to fishy’s on the dock with artisanal cheeses and sandwiches. You can’t go wrong when you choose from the many dining options available in the area.

These are our top picks:

The Riverside Inn

The Cove

Tavern and Bluebird Restaurant

Trish’s Dishes

The Leland Lodge

Village Cheese Shanty

Leland Mercantile Co.

Carlson’s Fishery

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Leland, MI Shopping

Fishtown’s charming downtown shops offer an enjoyable shopping experience. They include gift shops, boutiques, art galleries, and gift shops.

Van’s Beach

This beach, which is open to the public, is just minutes away from downtown Leland. It’s right next to Van’s Garage. This is a great spot for picnicking, hunting Petoskey stones and sunbathing.

Nedow’s Beach

This private beach is situated on Lake Leelanau’s inlet. It is shallow and warm and has a boat launch, dock, and picnic tables. Nedow’s Bay can be found just down Pearl Street, 7 blocks from the Leland Country Club.

Schneiders Beach and Park

The Lake Leelanau public beach can be found at the end Popp Road, just 1.5 miles east from the village of Lake Leelanau. The beach has a picnic area, and a boat launch. Dog-friendly!

Christmas Tree Beach (South Beach).

South Beach is formed by Reynolds Street’s public road end.

Hidden Beach

This beach can be found at the end Thompson Street in Leland on Lake Michigan.

North Beach

This beach is quieter and more peaceful than the others and is a great spot to watch the sunset.

Staying in Leland MI

These are the best places to stay in Leland Michigan:

Falling Waters Lodge

The Riverside Inn

The Leland Lodge

Whaleback Inn

Jolli Lodge

Leland Air B and B Rentals

VRBO Homes in Leland

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