Fun Things to do in Holland Michigan

Holland is the Dutch home of tulips and stunning Lake Michigan beaches. It also boasts fun breweries and a rich Dutch heritage.

Holland is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year. In the summer and fall, the beaches are crowded with tourists to Holland State Park. In the winter, there’s the charming outdoor market “Kerstmarkt” and in spring, the National Tulip Festival “Tulip Time.”

Here are some of our top picks for things to do in this charming west Michigan beach town.

Holland MI Fun

This west Michigan city is worth a visit if you are looking for fun beaches towns or a place to go on a road trip. It is perfect for couples, families and girlfriend getaways.

We have you covered, whether you are planning to visit Holland for a day, a romantic getaway, or a few nights.

You will find everything you need here to have a great experience, including our top picks for Dutch restaurants; a guide to Holland’s 8th Street shopping district and much more.

Explore the top 25 things to do in Holland (MI)

Holland, Michigan has many attractions. It’s large enough to offer both outdoor activities (like hiking along the shoreline of Lake Michigan) and cultural experiences (such visiting local tulip farm and other attractions that celebrate the region’s rich Dutch heritage).

Holland Michigan

There are some things you must do before you travel to Holland to enjoy the “Holland Experience”.

We are familiar with the highlights of this charming little town and want you to be prepared.

It’s easy to get lost in this beautiful town, which is bordered on one side by Lake Michigan’s sandy shores and Lake Macatawa on the other.

Here’s a list of must-visit spots in Holland, Michigan, including beautiful Dutch parks and windmills, as well as beaches and a brewery.

Tunnel Park – Spend a day there

Tunnel Park is the first stop in Holland Michigan. It covers 22 acres of land with warm, golden sand, stunning blue water, and is your first stop.

Nothing is quite like being able to travel underneath a tunnel made into sand dunes, only to find Holland’s Tunnel Park on your other side.

This 22-acre park has comfortable picnic shelters and clean bathrooms. There is also a large sandy beach that you can swim at.

Lake Michigan is a different place when Holland’s magic surrounds you.

Holland Farmers Market

Holland Farmers Market isn’t just a place to buy produce from nearby farms. You will also find many homemade products.

A visit to Holland’s farm market offers a refreshing break from tourist life.

Take a stroll through the booths at the farmers’ market and experience Holland!

The Blueberry Farm offers fresh blueberries

Bowerman Blueberries Farm Market is one of the many booths that you will likely see at the farmers market. But, if you want to get the whole experience, you have to visit their farm.

Bowerman Blueberry is proud of its delicious, fresh blueberries that it has been growing since 1954.

Bowerman Blueberry Farms welcomes you to pick your own or purchase them at the market.

Participate in the Tulip Time Festival

When you visit Holland at the right season, you will find tulips everywhere. The most popular attraction in Holland is the tulips.

Tulip Time is the Holland festival residents love and Holland visitors love – the Dutch heritage and unity of Holland and the tulips, tulips, tulips!

The Tulip Time Festival is held for eight days. Tulips line the streets and the community marches through the city. Downtown Holland glows with contagious energy.

Visit the The Tulip Parks

There are many great places to go if you can’t stop admiring the tulips of Holland.

The Holland tulip park is a hugely beloved and meticulously maintained place. These gardens make great date ideas, and are perfect for a family stroll!

These are the top tulip gardens in Holland, to help you get started.

Windmill Island Gardens
Windmill Island is a place where you can see the beauty of Holland’s Tulips. This island is dominated by a Dutch windmill that overlooks a field full of tulips in many shades and colors. It’s a must-see.

Centennial Park
You’ll find beautiful tulip displays, benches, fountains, and benches at Centennial Park.

Veldheer Tulip Garden
This is Holland’s only tulip farm, and also a perennial garden.

The park celebrates tulips, Dutch heritage, and De Klomp (the best spot for a wooden shoes). There are also real bison kept on the farm.

Mount Pisgah:

Mt. Pisgah has a stunning view of Lake Ontario that will make you stop in your tracks.

Mt. Pisgah is located 157 feet above Lake Michigan. It’s a 200-star climb. But if you’re up to the challenge, it’s worth it.

The view of Lake Michigan is breathtaking. You will be rewarded by the stunning views.

Enjoy the wooden steps that take you down the dunes, including benches and platforms!

Holland State Park Beach

Holland State Park is one of the most visited state parks in Michigan. Here, you will find a stunning lake experience.

This Holland harbor is located at the point where the Black River flows from Lake Macatawa into Lake Michigan. It’s more than water and dirt.

This is Lake Michigan at its best – white foam, stunning sunsets and a tranquil atmosphere that stretches over every corner of the beach town.

You’ll find plenty of fun games and entertainment at the park’s volleyball courts!

Holland’s bright red lighthouse is a great way to see nature at its best.

It is like a bright beacon that shines in your direction. You have arrived at Holland State Park’s beach.

Holland State Park is a great place to visit for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. There are wide, paved paths and an accessible playground.

Grand Haven State Park is another state park that offers excellent accessibility for the ADA. Visit Grand Haven State Park to see Grand Haven’s gorgeous beach!

Grand Haven, Michigan – Discover it

Grand Haven is a top-rated beach town in Michigan, located just north of Holland along the shores Lake Michigan.

Visit the Outdoor Discovery Center in Macatawa

Lake Macatawa is another great lake for outdoor activities if you’re looking for somewhere to go on a beautiful day in the magnificent Michigan lakes.

The Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway provides all types of nature and recreational opportunities including wildlife sightings. It also connects Macatawa and Zeeland, MI, running through Holland.

Visit The Dutch Village

Next stop: Nelis’ Dutch Village. This place offers traditional Dutch food and kids roller coasters. There is also a petting zoo.

You’ll have the chance to see the Dutch perform wooden shoe making and learn more about the Dutch community.

Enjoy exploring Holland’s history and visiting the critter barn to meet the alpacas and goats.

Nelis is a great choice for families with children!

Van Raalte Farm Park

The historical sites of Holland are much more than museums.

The Van Raalte Farm Park is a nature preserve that is stunning in all seasons, but it’s especially beautiful during winter.

Benjamin Van Raalte built the home, his father being the founder of Holland. You’ll find trails for hiking on the site and a hill that can be used to cross-country ski or sledding if there is snow.

Van Raalte also has a park for dogs and play structures that can be used by families.

Visit the Holland Museum

For a rainy day in New York, the Holland Museum is your best bet.

Educational tours take you to exhibits that include art, Dutch history, or even a Smithsonian laboratory for children.

Explore every hall and every painting to discover the origins of Holland.

Take a Holland Boat Tour

Holland’s boat tours are the perfect way to get out on the water!

The Holland Princess glides through Lake Michigan’s harbor for romantic dinner cruises.

Holland’s watersports, and jet skis offer more thrills than you can get on land. This part of your trip may require you to reserve a whole day. You won’t want the water to stop you from getting on board.

Holland Aquatic Center

The Holland Community Aquatic Center offers a safe place to exercise and swim if you aren’t quite ready to leave Holland’s waters.

Did you hear waterpark? Here, you’ll also find a unique water play structure.

Window at the Waterfront

We are pleased to welcome you to Holland’s park that deserves its place on the Holland List.

Kollen Park, Heinz Waterfront Walkway are the best places to go if your goal is to find all the traditional amenities in a beautiful park.

This waterfront park, covering 30 acres, is home to the Queretaro Fountain and Immigrant Statue. It is an ideal place to stroll to the beat of Holland’s shorefront waves.

This park is unlike any other.

Explore Holland’s 8th Street by Shopping at the Store

The Heinz Waterfront is located near downtown Holland. Here you will find all the best of Holland.

The downtown area is home to streets of tulips and live music as well as shopping and friendly locals.

8th Street is the main drag. Here you will find cute shops, cafés, and breweries. You can easily spend an entire afternoon browsing all the stops along this brick-paved street.

This is the ideal place to begin and end your Holland trip. We guarantee you will want to return after the first visit.

De Graaf Nature Center

De Graaf Nature Centers is a place where wildlife meets forested trails.

There are many nature centers available in Holland. This one is great if you’re looking to find accessible pathways through nature that are wheelchair- and stroller-friendly.

De Graaf offers a variety of scenery, wildlife displays, and mineral samples.

Holland Michigan Fun: Find Even More

For more information about Holland Michigan, visit our Ultimate Guide to Holland Michigan.

Tour Hope College

This four-year private liberal arts college was established in 1851 by Dutch immigrants who arrived in Holland.

The grounds are beautiful” lush lawns with colorful, neatly trimmed gardens and elegant ivy-covered structures.

Although it’s centrally located, once you step onto the ground you will feel miles away.

Captain Sundae offers an amazing Ice Cream Experience

247 W. 40th St.
Holland, MI 49423
(616) 393-4900

365 Douglas Ave,
Holland, MI 49424
(616) 396-5938

Let’s get to the point: If you only have one thing to do in Holland, MI, after visiting the state park, let it be a visit to one of the captain Sundae locations.

It may take a while to get in the line but it is worth it.

These ice cream shops offer some of the best soft-serve creations we have ever seen, using a variety of cereals and candies.

In an age of instagrammable-foods, Captain Sundae needs to be at the top of the Michigan list.


Enjoy a few at New Holland Brewing Co
We are creatures of habit. New Holland Brewing opened in 1995, and we began visiting it years later.

We stopped by to take a flight, and then we ate some app (I think it was mini sliders). It was so good.

We were attracted to the light-filled Eighth Street location, which is centrally located in downtown. We return each time we visit the area to see what’s new.

Explore West Michigan’s Best Craft Breweries

To find the best craft breweries in Michigan, use our Michigan Breweries Guide.

Hops at 84th East
This taproom is located on Eighth Street. Get ready to eat and drink. You’ll find 65 craft beer options on tap, so get ready to sample some of the best in Michigan.

You should also make room for our favourite appetizers, the Flatbread Funghi and the Duck Potsticker.

Get up to the Itty Bitty Bar
This dive bar is a classic, but they have taken it to the next level with some great food.

This is meatloaf made from Waygu Beef, Roasted Bone Marrow, and Buttermilk Fried Chicken.

Shop Holland’s Dutch Winter Christmas Market: KerstMarkt
This winter market is held in downtown Holland as the farmer’s marketplace. It’s a great place to visit during the holidays.

Local farmers and artisans set up booths to sell everything, from fresh-cut Christmas trees, wreaths and greenery, to handmade wool mittens and hats, and other Michigan-made gifts.

Make it a day trip for one thing this holiday season to the Dutch Christmas Market in Holland.

Other places near Holland, MI

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Hotels in Holland

Holland’s best is more than you can take in in one day. You’ll need to find the perfect place to stay before you go on your trip.

These Holland hotels offer a complete Holland experience.

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