Frankenmuth Michigan Restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Frankenmuth MI

Frankenmuth is located on the beautiful Cass River in Michigan. It is surrounded by stunning landscapes and the town is richly influenced by its German heritage, which has influenced the architecture, culture, as well as the cuisine.

Perhaps Frankenmuth is a Michigan must-visit for Christmas, or perhaps you read the New York Times viral article about Frankenmuth during the holidays and the amazing restaurants.

Restaurants are a bustling area. Frankenmuth has something for everyone, from famous Bavarian cuisine to local restaurants that offer their own specialties.

These are our top picks for Frankenmuth restaurants, complete with the best food.

Chicken Wars: Bavarian Inn vs Zehnder’s

Bavarian cuisine is a mainstay in Frankenmuth. Two of Frankemuth’s most renowned restaurants are engaged in friendly competition for the number one spot.

Just across the street, there is a food war between Zehnder’s and Bavarian Inn.

Which side do you belong on?

Lederhosen and Dirndls

The Bavarian Inn and Zehnder’s both have friendly servers who wear Bavarian-style clothing (think Lederhosen or Dirndl dresses).

You will be able to enjoy some of the best family-style, all-you can-eat chicken dinners.

Family-style Chicken Dinners and Other Recipes

If you are going to eat at the Zehnder family restaurant, it is a good idea to be hungry.

Both restaurants offer a variety of breads and spreads, which may seem like the starter. But, there are many more.

To prepare for the feast, you will need to have chicken noodle soup, pasta salad and cranberry salad. Expect a huge spread of creamy mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and egg noodles to accompany your golden brown chicken. You won’t be hungry.

How can you pick a side when there are so many similarities? There is no right answer. You can’t go wrong, no matter how you fight for Bavarian Inn and Zehnder’s.

Bavarian Inn Restaurant
713 S Main St, Frankenmuth MI

Bavarian Inn Restaurant offers a unique German experience, and you can expect to feel special charm when you dine there. Dining here is a memorable experience, from the impressive architecture with glockenspiel tower to friendly staff dressed in lederhosen and live entertainment by accordion.

For a small souvenir, don’t forget about the gift shops at the lower level.

A stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge is a good option if you are staying in town for a long time. The indoor waterpark is a great place to keep kids and adults entertained for hours.

Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth
730 S Main St, Frankenmuth MI

You will be transported back in time to the Zehnder’s restaurant by the colonial architecture and the utilitarian uniforms of its employees.

You might not feel like you have time traveled but you can still take a photo with Drumstick, the cheerful mascot of Zehner’s. Then you can go into Zehnder’s marketplace or gift shop for souvenirs or baked goods to remember your experience.

Staying at Zehnder’s Splash Village will be a hit with the whole family, especially for those who are looking for something more than a great dinner.

Italian Restaurants Frankenmuth Michigan
Maybe, even though you are immersed in Frankenmuth’s strong Bavarian culture, you still crave Italian American cuisine.

You can get Hungry Howie’s and Little Caesar’s pizzas, but nothing will compare to the amazing local Italian restaurants. These are our top picks for Italian food.

Lazy Dog Pizza Co.
154 S Main St #5, Frankenmuth MI

Lazy Dog Pizza Co is a positive-oriented pizza company that promotes awareness about the special dogs living in shelters looking for “furever homes”.

Order online and get your Supreme with a variety of toppings. Or try something new like the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza.

DaVinci’s Italian Restaurant
524 N Main St Frankenmuth MI

They have it. Pizza, pastas, soups and salads, as well as sandwiches, stromboli, and seafood, are all available.

DaVinci’s is the place to go for all your Italian needs. This family-owned establishment has been serving Frankenmuth residents for more than 40 years. For a traditional dish with refined flavor, try the Veal Parmesan. Or make your own pasta bowl to create a unique plate.

Tiffany’s Food & Spirits
656 S Main St, Frankenmuth MI

Tiffany’s, a Frankenmuth relic that dates back more than 100 years, is still a top-rated place to order a pizza.

It was named after the elaborate Tiffany chandeliers that shine against the gold ceiling. But it’s more than the glass. It’s delicious food is abundant, varied, and delicious. But their most famous product is the pasta pizza.

Frankenmuth: Discover Amazing Craft Beers and Wines

Prost Wine Bar & Charcuterie
576 1/2 S Main St, Frankenmuth MI

Enjoy a light meal, or a snack on a charcuterie platter while you relax after a long day in Frankenmuth. The rustic-chic ambience is down-to-Earth but the delicious flavors are extraordinary.

You can create your own sandwich using a variety of high-quality imported and domestic meats and cheeses. Then, relax and enjoy.

Frankenmuth Brewery
425 S Main St, Frankenmuth MI

Michigan is a big fan of craft beer, especially local beers. Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan’s oldest brewery, is where you can experience the magic of combining the modern Michigan brew culture and the German heritage.

There are over 12 beers available, with a seasonal rotation. You’ll want to come back for more.

Michigan at Main Bar & Grill
713 S Main St Suite 1, Frankenmuth MI

Michigan on Main Bar & Grill has a focus on Michigan. This spot is located in the Bavarian Inn and focuses on using the finest Michigan-made products to bring you local flavors like you’ve never tasted before.

You can choose from 17 Michigan beers to go with your Michigan potato cheese puffs or your Michigan black bean burger. Here you can also find top Michigan wineries.

There are more must-stop food shops in Frankenmuth, MI

Frankenmuth Cheese Haus
545 S Main St, Frankenmuth MI

Stop by the Cheese Haus for all your cheese needs. You can find both imported and domestic cheeses, as well as homemade signatures. You can find any kind of cheese, including blocks, curds and spreads.

Sugarhigh Bakery
925 S Main St g1, Frankenmuth MI

Enjoy the sweetness of sweets. There are many cupcakes and cakes to choose from, so you don’t have much time. This establishment is very accommodating and can accommodate many dietary restrictions. They even make pet-friendly “Barkery” treats.

Check out these other Frankenmuth restaurant favorites

Slo’ Bones BBQ Smokehouse
175 E Jefferson St, Frankenmuth MI

Wang’s Restaurant
207 N Main St, Frankenmuth MI

Oma’s Restaurant
One Covered Bridge Ln Frankenmuth MI

Poblano’s Mexican Grill
418 N Main St, Frankenmuth MI

La Crepe Du Jour, Creperie & Cafe
925 S Main St H7, Frankenmuth MI

Elf Hollow Cafe
730 S Main St, Frankenmuth MI

Honey B’s Eatery
525 S Main St, Frankenmuth MI

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