Christmas Village in Frankenmuth Michigan

Frankenmuth Christmas: Michigan’s Christmas Town

Are you looking to get your holiday spirit up by visiting a cool Michigan Christmas destination? Frankenmuth in Michigan is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for Christmas throughout the year and Christmas during the holidays.

This charming little town in mid-Michigan is a great place to get holiday spirit. It’s full of holiday cheer and fun. A Frankenmuth Christmas is like a Hallmark movie, with its elaborate Christmas lights and fairytale-like Glockenspiel tower.

A quick getaway for the family or romantic getaway to Frankenmuth (MI) is a great way to celebrate the season.

You can find a short respite for your children during the holiday school breaks or you might even consider spending Christmas in Frankenmuth.

Continue reading to find out more about Christmas in Frankenmuth (MI).

Michigan Christmas Things to Do: Visit A Michigan Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth (MI)

This charming, little town in mid-Michigan is a favorite of ours. It’s rich with German heritage and has a lot of Christmas spirit during winter holidays.

Frankenmuth is a unique Christmas town. It offers a variety of activities for families and couples.

Here are some ways to make your Michigan Hallmark Christmas special.

Where to Stay for Christmas in Frankenmuth

There are many options for Frankenmuth accommodation. We usually choose between Zehnder’s Splash Village, the Bavarian Inn Lodge and the Marv Herzog Hotel. You almost won’t want to leave these hotels, as they are so cozy and packed with amenities.

You’ll also find the Bavarian Inn on the Cass River. It offers seven acres of family fun including mini-golf, an indoor water park with lazy rivers and water slides, as well as family raft rides and a family raft ride. The Castle Shops boutiques offer fun shopping and delicious chicken dinners.

It is a family favourite, especially because of the delicious, on-site bakery, whose vanilla and cinnamon scents waft across the entire space.

The last time we visited Frankenmuth, Zehnder’s Splash Village & Hotel was our choice. It is the largest indoor pool in Frankenmuth, with over 50,000 square feet worth of fun. This makes it a great base for those who plan to spend lots of time indoors while on vacation.

We love the Marv Herzog for romantic getaways. It’s smaller with just 38 rooms and has a lovely atmosphere.

Things to do on your Frankenmuth Christmas Getaway

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is the first stop, which can be found at 25 Christmas Lane. Seven acres of Christmas decorations and ornaments in all sizes and shapes will be available.

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland always features a fantastic Santa Claus (in case anyone would like to visit him). You’ll want to take your children with you if you are traveling with young children.

Santa’s Reindeer Farm is located at Grandpa Tiny’s Farm

The farm is a historical working farm that raises lambs goats, chicks and bunnies. Santa’s reindeer can be visited during the Christmas season. If you are visiting Santa before Christmas, make sure you bring a letter to Santa.

Shop at the River Place

Frankenmuth River Places Shops is an outdoor shopping center with 40 shops, cafes and attractions that are Bavarian-themed. It will keep you busy for hours.

The mix of Michigan specialty shops (like Cherry Republic) and fun attractions (like Mirror Maze), is what we love about this place. The cobblestone streets and beautiful Christmas trees keep you warm in winter.

This spot is also home to a stunning light show that makes it even more magical in winter. Two spots are a must-see.

Z ac, Mac’s Chocolate Haus offer a wide variety of handmade confections including peppermint mocha caramels or rich, creamy sipping chocolate. Crepe DuJour offers delicious, freshly made crepes, coffees, and espresso that will make it feel like you’re in Paris, not mid-Michigan.

The Glockenspiel Tower: Learn the Tale of the Pied Piper

This bell tower, standing at 50 feet tall and featuring 35 bells, is located outside The Bavarian Inn. It is more than 50 year old. You’ll find the bells as well as an illuminated clock, and a lovely figurine movement telling the story of The Pied Piper from Hamelin.

The bells were imported from Germany and can be heard miles away when they ring. This is a beautiful sight, so bring your camera.

Enjoy a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

To see the stunning Christmas light displays, take a horse-drawn carriage around town. It is a magical Christmas experience with its twinkling lights and silent night sky.

The Frankenmuth Cheese House is now open

Frankenmuth must-see: In addition to an extensive selection of imported and domestic cheeses, the Cheese Haus also offers Chocolate Cheese. This sweet treat is a favourite, and we are certain you will join the many others who enjoy it.

Take a walk on the Holz-Brucke Covered Bridge

Frankenmuth Christmas is special. A walk or drive on this magical, wooden bridge will make it even more special.

The Holz-Brucke bridge, a covered two-lane bridge entirely made of wood, spans the Cass River. This charming bridge is a Frankenmuth landmark, and it can be crossed at night or day.

Breakfast at Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Oma’s Restaurant is part of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. It offers a delicious breakfast that’s unlike any other. There are German Potato Pancakes, Banana Nut Bread French Toast, Belgian Waffles, and Bavarian Eggs Benedict. We recommend that you visit more than one time during your stay.

Frankenmuth Brewery offers Michigan Craft Beer

The 150-year-old Cass River brewery’s Buffalo Chicken Rolls will make you feel like you have lived a long time. This is America’s oldest microbrewery. It also serves great food and stunning views from the Cass River.

Since 1862, the brewery has perfected the art of great beer. The brewery offers at least 15 taps to enjoy all year.

Check out our guide to the top Michigan craft breweries.

Frankenmuth: Celebrate your Christmas

Frankenmuth is a favorite place for Christmas. We hope that you will make wonderful memories with these activities.

You’ll find more Christmas activities in Michigan here.

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