Black Rocks Marquette Michigan – Cliff Jumping

Marquette’s Black Rocks Cliffs

One of my favorite spots in the U.P. is the Black Rocks Marquette Cliffs. And I’m not the only one. This quiet spot on Lake Superior attracts thousands of tourists each year for hiking, sightseeing, and even climbing cliffs.

Marquette County’s magnificent black rock cliffs tower over Lake Superior are an ideal spot for a day trip. This is not just a Michigan tourist attraction but also a place where students from the nearby Northern Michigan University can gather to enjoy the stunning natural beauty.

The beach at Pretty Black Rocks is located between the two cliffs. It’s a great place to search for Michigan treasures such as Yooperlites or even a Petoskey Stone. The water is slightly warmer in summer because it’s a shallow bay.

Continue reading to learn everything you need about Marquette’s Black Rock Cliffs. This includes important information from safety officials in Marquette.

About the Black Rocks Cliffs

The Black Rocks, an ancient rock formation that rises about 30 feet over a cold (mostly) Lake Superior, add dramatic beauty to Marquette’s Presque Isle Park shoreline.

Marquette’s Black Rocks are almost as impressive as their dark hue. This makes them a great subject for stunning photos.

Black Rocks’ immense size and beauty can only be appreciated if you look at it from the edge. You must see Lake Superior from the edge.

You will need to take in the breathtaking Lake Superior view and double check that you aren’t looking at the ocean. We think it’s the best view in the U.P. and the only one that compares is from Sugarloaf Mountain.

When is Black Rocks Marquette Open?

Three of the most popular beaches in the U.P. are Black Rocks, McCarty’s Cove, and Picnic Rocks.

It’s the perfect place to go on a autumn color tour in Michigan . The contrast of the black rocks against the blue sky and the brilliant red and golden foliage makes it a great destination. The Black Rocks, which are free of light pollution, offer a great spot to view the northern Lights in the winter and spring months.

Marquette’s Black Rocks Cliffs:

Presque Isle Park, Marquette’s best park, is home to the Black Rocks.

You’ll find stunning rock formations, beautiful beaches, and long hiking trails around them.

The Black Rocks, as mysterious as they might sound, are easy to find. Just past the ore docks, Presque Isle Park can be found just north of downtown Marquette. Presque Isle Park Marquette lies on a peninsula that extends into Lake Superior. It is surrounded by dark blue water on all three sides.

It is worth taking a trip on Peter White Drive around Presque Isle Park before you set off for Black Rocks. The park is a tourist attraction in itself.

Explore Presque Isle Park

You can choose to ride the Peter White loop by bike or car, but you will need to slow down to really take in the experience.

It’s possible to spend all day exploring the park and hiking, but the hike up to Black Rocks can be done in a short time and is well worth it.

PRO-TIP – Sunset Point is the perfect spot to enjoy a Lake Superior sunset. You’ll want to capture this spectacular view on film so bring your camera.

Cliff Jumping at Black Rocks

Cliff Jumping Dangerous, Fire Chief Says

The beauty of the Black Rocks cliffs set against the backdrop of Lake Superior is breathtaking. However, the City of Marquette Fire and Rescue Department strongly discourages jumping from the cliffs to the lake.
Chief of Battalion Jeff Haile stated that “From a risk analysis, it’s high hazard and we don’t encourage jumping.”

The area isn’t protected; there are rip currents in the lake and the water temperature can be cold.
Haile said, “It is swim at your own risk. Marquette has seven miles of protected beaches that beachgoers can explore.

Explore the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s Black Rocks Cliffs and Other Attractions

There is something for everyone in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
You can find sheer beauty and excitement in the Black Rocks of Marquette in Michigan.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has many natural wonders scattered across its vast terrain. This makes outdoor fun endless. You can do everything, from biking (including fat tire riding) to skiing and sightseeing.

What about taking a peaceful hike through the woods with a waterfall and the sound of running water? Tahquamenon Falls could be the right place for you.

Perhaps you had something more adventurous in your mind. Perhaps you want to hike through the dense forests of Porcupine Mountains.

Kitch–Iti-Kipi or the “Big Spring is worth a visit if you are in the Upper Peninsula. The freshwater spring is 40 feet deep and you can see the bottom. You may also be able to spot the fish hiding in the limestone as they hunt for food.

Marquette MI Restaurants

After a hard day of swimming, climbing and hiking, you’ll need to have something to eat. Blackrocks Brewery is my favorite spot in Marquette. Iron Bay Restaurant and Distillery is also a great option. It’s located in a charming, historic building.

Marquette MI Hotels

There are many wonderful hotels in Marquette that you can choose from when you’re ready to go to bed. Here are some of my favorite hotels:

Hampton Inn

Holiday Inn

Landmark Inn

Ramada Inn By Wyndham

Staybridge Suites

Marquette’s Black Rock Cliffs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did the Black Rocks form?

A. According to Health and Happiness U.P. According to Health and Happiness U.P. Magazine, the Black Rocks are a metamorphosed igneous peridotite that is approximately 1.7 billion years old. Because the Jacobsville Sandstone lies directly on top, it was previously exposed. This is called a nonconformity.

Q. How deep is the water at Black Rocks?

A. Lake Superior is approximately 20-30ft around Marquette’s Black Rocks Cliffs.

More Lake Superior Cliffs Near Black Rocks

The stunning black colors of Black Rocks make great photos. However, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a much more vibrant subject than those fall colors.

This rock formation is known for its vivid red hues against jagged sandstone. It is also a striking contrast to Black Rocks.

These rock formations look a lot like northern Michigan siblings: Pictured Rocks is the artist and Black Rocks the adventurous one. Although they could not be more distinct, you cannot help but notice similarities.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is not a place where cliff jumping is allowed. You will need to return to Black Rocks to do so.

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